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Non-Destructive Testing Level 3 Services involve the highest level of expertise and responsibility within the field of non-destructive testing. NDT is a set of techniques used to evaluate the integrity, quality, and reliability of materials and components without causing damage to them.

Level 3 is the highest certification level in the NDT hierarchy, and Level 3 personnel are responsible for supervising, managing, and ensuring the quality and accuracy of NDT operations.

Here's an overview of NDT Level 3 Services:

Qualifications and Responsibilities

Level 3 personnel are typically highly experienced individuals with in-depth knowledge of NDT techniques, standards, codes, and regulations.

We have a deep understanding of the principles behind various NDT methods and their applications.

We hold ISO 9712 AINDT Level 3 certification in MT, PT, UT, RT, PAUT, TOFD

NDT Level 3 Services require a high level of technical expertise, critical thinking, and a commitment to maintaining the integrity of materials and structures.
We are professionals that are vital in ensuring the reliability, safety, and quality of various industries, including aerospace, manufacturing, construction, and more.

Supervision and Training

NDT Level 3 personnel supervise Level 1 and Level 2 technicians, providing guidance and oversight to ensure proper testing procedures are followed.

We are responsible for training and certifying Level 1 and 2 technicians, ensuring their competence and adherence to industry standards.

Procedure Development and Review

Level 3 personnel develop, review, and approve NDT procedures to ensure they are accurate, effective, and compliant with relevant standards.

We assess the suitability of NDT methods for specific applications and materials.

Technical Support

Level 3 personnel provide technical support to solve complex NDT-related challenges, including interpreting test results, identifying defects, and recommending corrective actions.

Quality Control and Assurance

We play a pivotal role in quality control and assurance by ensuring that NDT processes are conducted accurately, consistently, and in accordance with standards.

Project Management

Level 3 personnel may be involved in project management, coordinating NDT activities, and ensuring that NDT requirements are met within project timelines

Audit and Certification

We are responsible for conducting internal audits to assess compliance with NDT procedures and standards.

We may also interface with external auditing bodies to ensure compliance with industry regulations

Reporting and Documentation

Level 3 personnel review and approve NDT reports and documentation to ensure accurate and detailed reporting of test results.

Continuous Improvement

We promote continuous improvement by identifying areas for enhancing NDT processes, equipment, and techniques.

Safety and Ethics

Level 3 personnel prioritize safety and ethics in all NDT operations, ensuring that testing is conducted in a safe and environmentally responsible manner.

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Quality Control and Assurance

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